Dollar for dollar there are few Catholic organizations that can make a donation go so far towards spreading the Gospel. Here's why:

1. The Mission

We believe that there are few tools in evangelization greater than personal testimony and witness. Countless individuals throughout the history of the Church attribute the testimony of another as one of the main reasons they decided to enter the Catholic Church. As more and more seekers turn to the web for truth it is important that we be there to address their concerns and give them strength in their journey. 

2. Volunteers

Our team is made up of volunteers. That means that all your money goes directly to spreading the Gospel online.

3. Web based

Modern technology allows for unprecedented opportunities for evangelization. Because our mission is online our work is available to anyone who has a computer or mobile device at an extremely low cost.

Where does the money go?

All proceeds go directly to sustaining and expanding the reach of Why I'm Catholic. Without a paid staff our costs as a nonprofit are very low which means your money goes directly towards financing expansion of the ministry. Current projects we are hoping to finance include...

  • 1. Why I'm Catholic sister sites to minister to none English speaking seekers.
  • 2. Why I'm Catholic printed material so that visitors can share our stories in their community.
  • 3. A Why I'm Catholic forum where visitors can dialogue and have a safe place to ask their questions about Catholicism and get answers.


 Please consider giving generously to our cause. We know your sacrifice will be put to great use.

You can also donate by mail by sending your check to...

Why I'm Catholic
P.O. Box 194
5500 N Bailey Ave
Buffalo, NY 14226