What is Struggles

Every convert has his or her own specific issues with the Catholic faith prior to conversion. For some this may be the Eucharist. Others contraception. For some it may even be the hurdle of allowing ourselves to experience God’s love. Through the addition of our new struggles section, we will present various categories on our website which chronicle the many struggles converts face when entering or re-entering the Catholic Church. We hope visitors will possibly find an answer to their questions, or even find Truth resonating in their own minds and hearts.

Every Catholic has his or her own personal journey and story to tell. Although many converts arrive at the same conclusion when discovering the truths of the Catholic faith, the avenue each individual takes is as different as the individuals themselves.

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Why is Struggles important?

There are already many apologetic, philosophical, and experiential defenses of Church teaching online that all play a great role in evangelization and catechesis. Why I’m Catholic would like to make these findings more available to our visitors by presenting these approaches in one place, highlighting each convert/revert’s personal struggle with a given Church teaching and the ways in which he or she was able to come to grips with the Catholic Church’s teaching.

One of the great benefits of a conversion story is the inherent humility that occurs when someone admits they were once wrong. Thus, by presenting one’s struggles, we will also address many key teachings of the Church in a spirit of humility by admitting one’s own misunderstanding, grudges, and confusion.

  • - Examples of Struggles Topics
  • - Mary
  • - The Existence of God
  • - The Eucharist
  • - Purgatory
  • - Papal Infallibility
  • - Contraception
  • - Sola Scriptura


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